It’s funny because it’s Jared Padalecki.

it’s even funnier because he’s eating a salad 

It’s even funnier because his character’s name is Dean

even funnier because he worked at Moose’s Market 


it was foreshadowing

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Clara Oswald theory: Bad Wolf/Rose Tyler and Clara are somehow related


  • Bad Wolf was able to see all of time and space and mold it. (ep: Journey’s End)
  • Constant presence of roses around all three “versions” of Clara.
  • ‘The most important leaf in human history’ was from a Norway Maple. (ep: The Rings of Akhaten). Darlig Ulv Stranden (a.k.a. Bad Wolf Bay) is located in Norway (ep: Doomsday / Journey’s End)
  • On 5 March 2005, Rose Tyler first met the Doctor. (ep: Rose) 5 March 2005 is also the date when Clara’s mother died. (ep: The Rings of Akhaten).
  • Clara is always wearing red clothes (or something red, like her bag in The Rings of Akhaten). Red is the color of most common roses.
  • The TARDIS doesn’t seem to like Clara (ep: The Rings of Akhaten). This may be due to the fact that she is an anomaly of the Universe. The same thing happened with Jack Harkness, since Bad Wolf gave him immortality. The TARDIS tried to shake Jack off (ep: Utopia).

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If the show somehow pulls off some new form of brilliance, I shall give a standing ovation to my television.

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Uh oh. There’s a Tamagotchi app…

Uh oh. There’s a Tamagotchi app…

Anonymous said: You should totally go back and tell him :)

Aww! I wish I had gotten on to see this!! I totally chickened out and stayed in my room. I know! I fail xD

So, I’ve had a crush on a guy who works at my grocery store…

I found out last week he’s a Whovian!!
He also doesn’t get BBC America so he tries to watch it online. Last night he told me couldn’t find it online. I saw he’s working today and asked my friend what’s the website she uses.
Is it weird if I go back to the grocery store to give him the site? It could be true love, after all. XD

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RANT time! My cousin shared this photo on Facebook.

Which is from a page called ‘Marriage: One Man|One Woman’

So, this is what I take from this:
I love you but you don’t deserve the same rights as I do, because my religion says so. But I won’t let you get hate for it! So, don’t call me names since you don’t like name calling.

I still don’t understand these people. If you love me and don’t judge me you would want the same for me as you’d want for yourself…at least that is what I would assume. 

You are judging me by telling me I don’t deserve to marry, you think its wrong, which is a judgement. 

While I am glade you’re still my friend and love me, I don’t feel like I can still be your friend if you don’t support me.

My friends love me for me. And they want the best for me, the same way I do for them. If we aren’t equal then the relationship between us won’t work. As family I would hope for the same support and love. I respect religion of all kinds. But the legal rights of marriage has nothing to do with your religion.

It is simply about rights, not personal philosophy.

I don’t like your dumb haircut but I don’t try to make it illegal. I also lie to your face when I say it looks nice. Its called being family. But it doesn’t look nice. But its your choice to have a dumb haircut, I won’t tell you what you can and cannot do with your hair or life. So stop telling me what to do.

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actual grad student nicholas rush


actual grad student nicholas rush

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My friend asking me via Facebook if I’d change a light bulb for her. XD

My friend asking me via Facebook if I’d change a light bulb for her. XD

Dragon eggs!

Dragon eggs!

The day Zayn found himself. 
Side note: My grocery store crush likes Doctor Who! I’ve already named our children!

The day Zayn found himself.
Side note: My grocery store crush likes Doctor Who! I’ve already named our children!

Gay Porn Star?

I watched a short film he was in and was sure I’ve seen him in porn! Can someone help me?

I created a OC Supernatural RP blog! Give him a look! His name is Dom ;)